BIGS Neuroscience Registration

We cordially welcome you to the Bonn International Graduate School of Neuroscience.

Your registration procedure is a two-step process:

  • STEP 1: To access the online registration form, please contact our coordination office at We kindly ask you to fill in this form completely.
  • STEP 2: After successful activation of your account, you need to upload the required documents.

Before you start the application process, please have the following information/documents at hand.

  • Degree certificate (Master, Diploma)
  • Transcript of your Master's degree
  • Faculty’s certificate of admission (Promotionsbestätigung) - see an example here
    Ideally you upload the certificate of admission which you receive from the doctoral office (Promotionsbestätigung) combined with the information on your thesis committee, which lists your PI and all further supervisors. If you have not yet registered with the doctoral office, you can use any document from your supervisor (employment contract, personal email or letter) showing that you have been accepted as a student by your PI.

Please note that until your entries have been successfully approved by the coordination office, your account access will be restricted. If you have any further questions about the registration process, please feel free to contact us at

As a supervising PI, lecturer or instructor of BIGS Neuroscience would you like to receive an account? Please contact us at