Registration with BIGS Neuroscience

We cordially welcome you to the Bonn International Graduate School of Neuroscience and thank you for your interest in our school.

Your registration will be carried out in two steps.

  • STEP 1: Please contact our Coordination Office at to gain access to our online registration form. We kindly ask you to COMPLETELY fill out this form.
  • STEP 2: After having successfully activated your account, you will be required to upload the requested documents.

Before you start the registration process, please make sure that you have the following information/documents ready.

  • CV
  • Graduation Certificate (Master, Diploma)
  • Transcript of your Master studies
  • Letter of support from PhD supervisor (Doctoral agreement) - see an example here
    In the simplest case, you can use a copy of the registration document you submitted to the Promotionsb├╝ro, listing your PI and any secondary reviewers. In the case that you have not yet registered with the Promotionsb├╝ro, you can use any document from your supervisor (work contract, personal email, or letter) showing that you have been accepted as a student by your PI.The purpose of this entry is to ensure that all students registering with BIGS Neuroscience have been sponsored by a University of Bonn working group.

Please also note that you will only have limited access to your account after the upload until your account has been approved by the Coordination Office. If you still have any questions in connection with the registration process you can always contact us at

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You are not a student but wish to have an account as a lecturer or supervising PI? Please contact us at to register and obtain login details.